Aero X Saab Concept car

Saab Aero X 2007 concept car

New 2007 Concept Car from Saab

Unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show 2006, the Aero X concept car from Saab uses a cockpit canopy instead of doors or windshield pillars. The Aero X is an exciting sports coupe. The innovative features of this new Saab concept car include an aircraft-style cockpit canopy, eliminating the need for doors, and a 400 bhp, twin-turbo, V6 BioPower engine fuelled by pure bioethanol, giving zero fossil CO2 emissions.

Inside this prototype vehicle, the cabin utilizes techniques derived from Swedish glass and precision instrument making to display data in graphic 3-D images on glass-like acrylic ‘clear zones’, eliminating conventional dials and switches.

The Aero X 2007 Concept Car runs on 100 percent ethanol and holds 400 horsepower under the hood. The 400-hp, twin-turbo, BioPower V6 engine is fueled entirely by ethanol” Saab officials states. Unlike fossil fuel, which releases carbon dioxide that was previously stored underground, ethanol essentially recycles C02 since the crops used to make the fuel reabsorb C02 when they are grown.

2007 concept car Saab Aero XKjell Bergstrom, executive director of Saab Automobile Powertrain, said about the new car concept (Saab 2007 prototype vehicle) . We have been able to take the next step by using E100 fuel, pure 100 percent bioethanol. That means there are zero fossil CO2 emissions because we are not using any gasoline at all.

Saab’s managing director Jan- Jonsson also said about the Saab concept vehicle: “This new car model makes a powerful statement for the brand. It demonstrates that Saab is on the move and speaks for the confidence GM has in us. It also shows how far we can take the Saab brand in the future and will inspire our designers as they define how our brand’s character will be expressed in the next-generation of Saab cars.”

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