FPV – Ford F6 Typhoon – Concept Car

Ford Concept Car F6 Typhoon Racing PhotoFord F6 Typhoon concept car – “unofficial”

Here are some news about a 2006 new concept car vehicle from Ford Performance Vehicles – FPV:

“There is a tradition at each FPV Family Open Day for a group of volunteers from FPV and Prodrive to create a project prototype car to showcase their abilities and generate some excitement among the visitors,” said David Flint, Managing Director of Ford Performance Vehicles about this racing car concept.
The team has created a specially modified concept version of the FPV F6 Typhoon Ford sedan designed to tackle similar turbo charged performance cars in the spectacular new form of motor racing; Drifting.

Unlike previous Family Open Day projects, DRIF6 prototype  is a fully operational concept vehicle and Ford Performance Racing’s rising star, Mark Winterbottom, was involved in early development of the vehicle.

Here are some details about this new Ford concept car:

The cockpit of DRIF6 concept has been stripped and replaced with world class MOMO racing seats and racing harnesses, MOMO steering wheel, MOMO gearknob and a variety of ancillary gauges by VDO and Autron. These include a monster VDO tacho on the dash located in line with the twinâ pod sport gauges that display oil temperature and turbo boost pressure,  pillar mounted gauges to display volts and cabin temperature and Autron’s latest high tech tyre press monitoring system located at the base of the Interior Command Centre. The cockpit also has a racing style roll cage.

This 2007 prototype – Ford DRIF6 – is a concept car designed to showcase the enthusiasm and expertise of FPV’s engineering operations. There are no plans, at this stage, to participate in competitive events. The FPV Family Open Day featured more than 300 of the best–loved performance Ford vehicles on display from car clubs across Australia and attracted approximately 10,000 visitors

More details and technical specifications for this racing concept car from Ford can be read at Ford gets the drift with concept car