Custom Lambo Doors Rolls-Royce

The the four-seater custom Phantom DC Concept supercar known for its lamborghini doors and “cool” number plate “CEXI” is up for sale. The  modified Rolls Royce price is £850,000 and is owned by an Indian Maharajah. The custom Rolls-Royce Phantom  can reach speeds of 130mph and does around 14 miles to the gallon.

Apparently the current owner is a motor fanatic who owns over 50 cars including the Rolls Concept which was designed especially for him and under his ideas.

Modified Rolls Royce Phantom Concept

Modified Rolls Royce Phantom Concept

Rolls-Royce Cexi Lambo Doors

CEXI Rolls-Royce Lambo Doors

Rolls-Royce Phantom Lambo Doors Concept

Rolls-Royce Phantom custom concept car

Rolls Royce Lambo Doors

Rolls Royce Lambo Doors Paparazzi Pic

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